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Wide Application of the UV printers

Publish Date 2020-07-24
UV Printing on Glass UV print technology may sound like the wave of the future, but it’s actually been around for at least the past 10 years. Unlike traditional inks that dry by soaking into the substrate and evaporating in the air, UV LED inks dry when they’re exposed to ultraviolet light. Not only is the end result crisper and cleaner, but it is also much more versatile. UV printing can work on a wide variety of different substrates that go far beyond plain old paper.

Old-school UV printers may have been exceedingly large and expensive, but technological developments have made cutting-edge UV printerseconomical in both size and price. A small-format flatbed printer can easily fit right on your desktop, ready for any action you send its way. And there’s plenty of action you can give it.

An immense array of commercial and industrial applications can easily become a reality with the use of a UV printer. It can print the same photos, logos, text, illustrations, diagrams or other images as a standard printer, but with a higher-quality, durable, UV-resistant end product that is less prone to chipping, flaking and fading.

Metal: Print directly onto stainless steel, aluminum and powder-coated metal to create custom military, aviation and commercial name plates, dog tags or identification plates and dials for industrial parts and equipment. More uses on metal include full-color, high-contrast marks on face plates, microchips and dial faces.

UV LED PrintingPlastic and PVC: Name badges and photo IDs are a breeze with a UV printing machine, as are luggage tags, ID bracelets, book covers and injection-molded parts that need labeling. Printing directly onto to phone cases is a snap.

Vinyl: Electronics skins are hot vinyl products, and you can also print on vinyl stickers, tablet or laptop cases.

Glass: Put your UV printer to work creating glass artwork, including cylindrical wine glasses with the EasyCyl attachment, trophies and customized, full-color mirrors.

Ceramic tiles: Whether used for hot plates, decoration or signage, personalized ceramic tiles are well-suited for UV printer application.

Signs: Print up vinyl, plastic or metal signs for outdoor or indoor use. Showcase your company name and special sales or create your own door signs. Enhance profits with special applications like ADA/Braille-compliant signage.

Plaques and awards: Whether you need to print directly onto wood, acrylic or an award’s metal plate, a UV printing machine can easily do the job.

Print on Trophies.

Promotional items: The world of substrates is wide open for printing on an array of promotional items. Customize non-flat items like golf balls, rubber items like hockey pucks, and other giveaways such as tape measures, key chains, magnets and flash drives.

TEXTUR3D™ Printing: : Make a stunning statement with 3-dimensional, textured printing on signage, tablet cases, wall hangings, prints and other items that deserve eye-catching, artistic results. A UV printer can also print braille.

OCR applications: UV printers retain the finest details, ideal for OCR applications that require scanning.

Basic black anything: Their high-end technology have helped UV printers enhance the printing performance of opaque white ink, opening the door for high-impact printing on black and other dark backgrounds and materials

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